Training for political leaders

The program is aimed at providing traineeswith the knowledge and skills necessary for every effective and professional politician. Through this program we provide extended knowledge of managing communication and marketing processes of political campaigns, conflict resolution techniques, negotiation strategies, political leadership and its distinct forms in various democratic systems, forms of government and political systems, the ways EU institutions function as well as the latest developments in sectored policies.

The training is based on organized disciplines in different parts critical to developing successful leadership and its application in political and managerial processes.

Their combination in each of the educational sessions, led by distinguished lecturers from the academic and scientific community, prominent business professionals and NGO members,adds not only prestige and expertise to the program, but also truly memorable dynamics and knowledge, which are strongly based on practice.

29 Jun 2019

‘Simeon the Great’ class have received their certificates for successful graduation of the training program

‘Simeon the Great’ class have graduated the training course program. The students have received their certificates at an official ceremony. The guests of the event were Acad. Julian Revalski,

26 Jun 2019

The Institute of Politics presented flowers for the 90th anniversary of the town of Pernik

The Institute of Politics presented flowers for the feast day of the town of Pernik. The students from ‘Simeon Veliki’ class were invited to the official celebration personally by Emil

26 Jun 2019

Official graduation of ‘Simeon the Great’ class

The fourth political leaders class of the Institute of Politics has successfully finished their training course at the end of this week. The students of ‘Simeon the Great’ class will receive

25 Jun 2019

Metropolitan of Western and Central Europe, Anthony with a lecture before “Simeon the Great” class

The Institute of Politics has the honour of a lecturer of ‘Simeon the Great’ class students to be the Western and Central European Metropolitan Anthony. The topic about the church and the state


  1. Support political education and help broaden political knowledge
  2. Support creation of new leaders
  3. Promote development and democratic change in the Bulgarian society
  4. Educate in the spirit of tolerance by building political, civic and managerial culture


  1. Teaching courses, organizing seminars, holding conferences
  2. Work on projects, involvement in R&D
  3. Performing publishing activities and providing electronic publications
  4. Implementation of legislative initiatives
  5. Partnerships with universities, academies and similar NGOs
  6. Preparation and dissemination of training materials