The Institute of Politics with a new round table with international participation

The Institute of Politics has organized a new round table in Strumica, Northern Macedonia. It is part of the training of Simeon Veliki class and the co-organizer is the Ohrid Institute. The round table began with a minute of silence in memory of the killed people in the tragic crash in Northern Macedonia. The event […]

(BG) Как се създават политическите идеологии?

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(BG) Eмил Костадинов от випуск “Симеон Велики” за предизвикателствата пред младите политици на отговорни постове

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Institute of Politics with Successive Training Abroad

The fourth class participants in the “Political Leadership Training” Program goes abroad for its third lecture session. The course participants of Simeon the Great class will have the opportunity to spend a week in the town of Strumitsa, Macedonia. The training begins this Sunday with all future leaders who will be able to exchange experience […]

(BG) Проф. Антоанета Христова с коментар за скандала “Ало, Банов”

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“Alexander Malinov” class has chosen as its motto “Knowledge is the power”

“Alexander Malinov” class has set up a new tradition at the Institute of Politics. Thus, to the name of the class they added “Knowledge is the power”. We also enclose their argument written by Ivaylo Mihailov Ivanov. “Knowledge is the power” Thanks to the desire for consensus by all trainees during the first evening, it […]

The Fifth Class of Graduates at the Institute of Politics is called “Alexander Malinov”

The fifth class of graduates of the “Training of Political Leaders” program have chosen for its name Aleksandar Malinov. Traditionally, the decision was made by a consensus of all participants. For their first module of training they gathered in Plovdiv the European Capital of Culture. Alexander Malinov has exceptional merits in our political history. The […]

Pavel Gudzherov: The team consolidates all key factors for being a successful leader

The Mayor of Rakovski has officially given the start of the fifth class of graduates from the political leadership program of the Institute of Politics. “I think that the most important thing one could put into whatever position one occupies is dedication.” Pavel Gudzherov addressed the new leaders. At a symbolic ceremony at the Balabanov […]

A new class of graduates has started its training course at the Institute of Politics

The Fifth class of graduates has begun its training course for Political Leaders at the Institute of Politics. The beginning was given at a ceremony at the Balabanov House in the Old Town of Plovdiv. It happened just a day after the city was officially announced as an European Capital of Culture. The aim of […]

(BG) Как се говори пред публика?